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Seeing The Purpose (Again)


    After watching Mr. Holland’s Opus last night I felt it was appropriate to re-post this piece from last summer.

    I think many of us struggle with trying to create our grand symphony in life– whether we can’t find the time, or don’t know exactly how it looks or sounds.
    Mr. Holland came to realize that his opus was his students. All those years teaching — that was his symphony — not his after-hours passion of creation.
    His purpose was embedded in the day to day.

    What would it feel like to know this while you’re in it…to know that what you’re doing every day has meaning for yourself and others? We tend to look beyond for the great purpose which could potentially push it off it into an elusive place.

    Here’s what I had to say about this last July.

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    Practice To Be Better

    Image: Fritz Paneth

    Image: Fritz Paneth

    People that are really into yoga call it their practice.
    They’d say something like I am so glad I woke up early to practice this morning.
    Or they’d ask a friend did you practice yet today?

    Meditation is pretty much the same…it’s considered a practice.
    Unlike performers whose rehearsal culminates in a performance, practice is ongoing with the intention of learning, or instilling patterns of behavior or movement.Read More »Practice To Be Better

    Lessons On Listening From My Kindergartner

    Earlier in the school year, G came home talking about whole body listening.
    It’s this (explained by G):

    Whole Body listening is when you sit down, and keep your hands in your lap.
    You watch Debbie (the teacher) and pay attention.
    You don’t talk and you don’t move.
    You think about what she is saying.

    It’s like whole living and mindfulness wrapped up in one!

    And how great is it that kids are learning this so young?
    But wait–are adults actually doing it?Read More »Lessons On Listening From My Kindergartner