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The Relationship Status With Your Style

Your relationship status with your style is ALWAYS on display. It’s your vibe. …The way people respond to you. …The way you move through life. So […]

Personal Style As A Self Care Practice

Before rolling your eyes at the idea of making your style a self care practice, please know that I am THE BIGGEST eye roller when it […]

What’s A Signature And Can I Make It My Style?

I’ve been talking a lot about signature styles lately for two reasons: I’m offering a special to help design yours here.  I just worked through a […]

Signature Styles And Why You Need One

You know those graphic tees with words across the chest? People wear them to make a statement. My I ❤️ NY shirt tells everyone about my […]

When You Don’t Want To Settle Anymore

What comes to mind when you see the words JOY, PLEASURE and FUN? Are you actively engaging with these experiences? If not, don’t worry  — you’re […]

10 Fashion Rules To Forget (and how to dress instead)

Growing up I was never a rule follower — ask my mom, it was a problem. But as I’ve gotten older, and particularly since I started […]

Redefining Your Style For The New Season

I’ve got a photoshoot coming, and what’s different about this one — I’m not only the stylist. I’m also the subject! While I love styling my […]

Try This Style Rule For More Versatility And Creativity With Your Clothes

“I never thought to wear it like that!” If I had $1 for every time someone said this to me, I’d be RICH! It came up […]

In Transition? Here’s How To Navigate The Messy Middle

“Your style changed,” said my client in a recent session. She was right! My go-to uniform of silk, floral blouses belted into a pair of jeans […]

Outfits That Make A Strong First Impression

“PHEW! I’m so happy this is off my plate!” said my client after we put together new outfits for her upcoming event. She was recently booked […]

3 Style Tips To Get Camera Ready

I just wrapped a 3 week styling job for a TV commercial where I got actors camera ready for the shoot. If you’re on-video for your […]

Workwear That’s In Store This Season

For the past few weeks, I’ve been styling a commercial shoot. My job, to dress 14 people, means a lot of shopping! So I spent 6 […]