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Getting Ready For Your Next Event

    “A normal person might not know what to wear for something like that!”

    My friend and I were talking about the designer preview that I’d be attending for a made-to-order luxury brand that produces pieces in the same factories as Gucci in Italy. 

    I know exactly what I’ll wear!” I told her.

    The invite arrived a month ago, and honestly — I was reluctant to attend.

    My clients don’t usually wear custom made designer clothes so it didn’t seem like a relevant brand for my business. Until I saw the smaller print on the invitation… 

    “We use high quality silks and fabrics, with the goal of sustainable luxury in a size run of 0-22.“

    Just recently, my size 14 client was complaining how hard it was to find high quality in her size. She’s not wrong!

    I decided to go! 

    Getting Ready To Go Out

    Here’s how I knew EXACTLY what to wear. 

    Full disclosure, when I hit ATTEND on the RSVP, my 1st thought was…

    “What the hell am I going to wear?”

    This was going to be a Fashion event (with a capital F!) I’d be mingling with other NYC stylists, PR people and designers from the brand….

    That’s not my scene!

    Fashion is a power tool I use to help my clients back in the game and make a strong style statement in their lives, but I don’t really hang out with people in the industry.

    So since I’d be a bit out of my element…comfort was key. But not in a lazy loungewear kind of way. More like, I must eliminate any need to fuss with styling details.

    And of course, I’ll have to make a strong statement, like only I can. (Basically, I needed to be my own styling client as this is what I do for them!)

    I remembered the red dress I got last month at my favorite vintage shop.

    It’s gorgeous — well made with a complimentary silhouette and after alterations, it became the PERFECT score! When I bought it, I didn’t know exactly where I’d wear it. I just knew I HAD to HAVE it.

    ✔️Part 1 of the outfit = the dress 

    Shoes next. 

    I could choose between black or neutral.


    More RED for an even stronger statement!

    Next, the bag.

    Neutral wasn’t the call. 

    Black was more powerful. I like the edge of the gold chain, but went with simplicity instead.

    I’d use my coat as an opportunity to bring in more vibrancy.

    So that’s what I wore! 

    Vibrantly well-made simplicity.

    Shopping For Your Next Level

    The reason it came together?

    I already had the right pieces in my closet.

    Here’s how I do that:

    When I shop, I recognize an item that’s ME — because I love it and it looks good.

    So even if I don’t know the exact occasion I’ll wear it to…YET, I see it’s a representation of my next level — which is where I’m going!

    Fashion events aren’t necessarily my thing, but serving my clients at a high level IS! The more options and resources I have for them, the better dressed they’ll be. Then they show up more confidently and make bigger moves in their lives.

    That’s why I’m always preparing for next level occasions like this. So when they show up on my calendar…


    Be sure to follow me on IG here to see behind the scenes from the designer preview!

    What kinds of events do you have coming up, and do you feel ready to attend? Let me know in the comments below!

    6 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Your Next Event”

    1. Marilyn

      Not sure what to wear to a 60 hr. High school class reunion. I have satin full leg pants I.e. banana republic. Thanks

    2. Cathy Ogi

      Have thought and thought about what to wear to my daughter’s wedding. She doesn’t have a
      boyfriend at the time but that hasn’t stopped me. I haven’t decluttered some things-thinking I
      MIGHT wear those things. Don’t have money for extra things so am glad that I have these
      options. Again, may be for the very far future! I loved your going thru each item, options, how
      you chose. Can be stressful when you dress up!

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