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How To Have Confidence And Know Your Outfit Works

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    I’ve heard from a bunch of women who are questioning their outfits. They want to know how to have confidence in what they wear so they stop second guessing themselves. But they don’t really understand what their problem is. All they know — they don’t like how they look. They can’t explain why they don’t like it. Or what’s causing them to be dissatisfied. And you can’t solve for a problem if you don’t know what the problem is.

    So if you’re not loving what you wear, but you’re not sure why… keep reading! I’m sharing the 3 big reasons you lack confidence in your clothes. You may relate to one, two or all three.

    And once you know why you’re not satisfied with your style, you can move forward and make a plan to switch things up.

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    3 Reasons You Don’t Like Your Style

    1. Your body changed.

    You’ve gotten older and now most of your weight settles into a different area. (For example, your stomach may have never been your problem area, but now your pants feel uncomfortable in the waist.) Or you’ve recently gained or lost weight in all parts of your body.

    When this happens you need to align with a new set of dressing guidelines. What used to work no longer looks good or feels comfortable. So you must adapt your style to suit your new size. Everybody— no matter what size or shape — can look stylish. You just need to find the right fitting clothes.

    2. You never understood what looks good on you in the first place.

    Style has never been high priority. You’ve always treated getting dressed as functional. Shopping is a chore. And you tend to wear whatever is in your closet without much thought on whether it’s a cohesive or flattering outfit.

    If this sounds familiar, you need to clear out your poor shopping choices. They are making it more difficult to put together good outfits. Then reconnect with your personal preferences, styles you like. And align your taste with clothes that compliment your body.

    3. Your lifestyle has changed.

    This is pretty common as more people work from home. You’ve got a closet full of suits that feel too stuffy for the kitchen table / office. But you’re still on back to back zoom calls so you need to make a good impression.

    If you can relate, it may feel daunting to reimagine an entire new work wardrobe. And perhaps a little confusing about what styles would even be appropriate. While full-on suits may not be necessary, tread carefully as you switch to more casual attire. You still need to be taken seriously. Well intentioned outfits will help you achieve this.

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    How to have confidence

    The key to moving forward and creating a style you love is to understand WHY you’re unhappy with what you wear. Has your body changed? Have you paid little attention to what you wear? Do you have a different lifestyle?

    Once you recognize which situation you’re in, commit to making a change. Whenever your commitment wavers, remind yourself WHY you want to change. 

    Getting noticed for your style, and receiving compliments from others is always nice. But once you taste the inner confidence that comes from taking control over your appearance, you’ll stop second guessing yourself. And you’ll start looking like the person you want to become.

    If you’re ready to adapt your wardrobe to your new normal —whether it’s a new body, mindset or lifestyle— I can help! Book a complimentary clarity call, and I’ll share what your style needs so you feel confident in your clothes.

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