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The Winning Outfit Formula For Your Holiday Events

    When you work with a stylist, you may think that you’re in-it to get a bunch of new clothes, but my approach is different. My clients definitely get new clothes and new outfits… AND they also get something else — a WHOLE NEW WAY of seeing themselves.

    After working with me, my clients elevate their self-image which raises their self-esteem, and this impacts EVERYTHING in their lives.

    Being the woman who is always put together

    Let me explain. Recently one of my clients underwent a style upgrade and began receiving compliments from colleagues. They were blown away by how she always appeared so polished and effortless, even on Zoom! My client’s response was priceless: ‘Who knew I could be that person who always looks so put-together?‘ The truth is, she was always that person — it just took a little shift to start seeing herself that way.

    I experienced a similar breakthrough with another client recently. Her name is Helen and she asked me to help her find the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding. So the night before we met, I sent her some outfit ideas via text. I needed a sense of how she wanted to look.

    Helen said the skirts I sent were gorgeous. But looking at those outfits made her depressed because the models were all size 0 and she knew she’d never look like that. She said she couldn’t wear any of those skirts.

    I asked her to send photos of what she recently wore that she felt amazing in. After reviewing her pics, I saw a clear pattern in her style: she had definitely locked in her formula of what worked!

    But I knew there was more available to her. If only she could see herself a little differently, she could expand beyond that one look.

    So we set out to find her an outfit. My goal was to get her into a new style. And not just try it on, but wear it with CONFIDENCE!.

    I had my work cut out for me! Helen had her mind set on what she could wear and she’d been sticking to that for years! (Do you have one look that you’ve stuck to for years?)


    We went shopping and I found a gorgeous dress that she loved in the moment and bought. But then a few days later she told me she hated how she looked in it, and she probably wasn’t going to wear it.

    But she didn’t throw in the towel! A few days later she found some boots that were totally HER and made her feel more comfortable. 

    Then she got a little jacket to wear over the dress — partly to cover up her self-conscious bits, but also, it added something fun. A glamorous pair of earrings and a killer handbag finished the look. She decided to wear the dress — this was a huge departure from her usual look!

    How did Helen come to this decision?

    I know that she trusted my judgment — we call this the stylist seal of approval which ignites confidence. But my approval alone wasn’t enough. She needed to feel comfortable and like herself — which the dress wasn’t doing on its own. That’s why she needed those true-to-her outfit enhancements (jacket, boots, accessories). Those pieces made her feel comfortable enough to try something new.

    She ROCKED the look!

    Here’s what she said:

    She even let go of her security blanket i.e. the jacket!

    The Winning Outfit Formula:

    Try something new and then bring in pieces that are SO YOU!

    With my expertise and Helen’s willingness to take risks, we created Outfit Magic It’s that moment when you’re bold enough to step outside of your style comfort zone, while still being rooted in the elements that make you… YOU.

    And guess what?! I’m offering a holiday pop-up experience for you to make your own Outfit Magic!

    It’s happening inside my free styling challenge where you’ll get my expert guidance to ramp up your personal style so you OWN THE ROOM at your seasonal soirees! The best part — you don’t have to splurge on new clothes! I’ll show you how to turn your ordinary pieces —that are already in your wardrobe — into EXTRAordinary ensembles.

    It all starts December 4th.
    Go here to register for free. 

    Here’s a fun video that documents my NYC shopping experience with Helen. Click play to see that fabulous green dress in action!

    Helen also made a reel that really showcases how amazing she felt. I mean seriously – you know you’re feeling INCREDIBLE when you make a reel and share it with the world! Check it out here.

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