Holistic Fitness Review: Quick HIIT For Good Results

Holistic Fitness Review: Quick HIIT For Good Results

Streaming Fitness Review: Quick HIIT Good Results | elyshalenkin.com | Mind body Soul Stylist | Elysha Living

As a total beginner with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, I was excited to discover this slowed down version in my search for online exercises to help me age amazingly well. The moves were well explained and easy to follow at a pace that made sense to someone not looking to jump allover the place.

But just because the title says “Beginner”, don’t think you won’t get a workout. I like to use the slowed down approach as an opportunity to pay extra attention to my form so I not only get the most of the exercises, it brings me into a more mindful state.

Here is the video:

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