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Tick Tock- The Clock Won’t Stop So Get Your Gratitude On Now

    M&G-USYet another school year passed in a flash as class placements for fall were handed out yesterday.
    I know it’s completely cliche to say, but boy does the time fly! M will be in 4th grade and G in 1st. Pretty soon we will be researching middle schools. And my sweet & precious children will find their independence.

    I can’t turn back the clock on all those times when I chose to huddle over my device rather than cuddle with my kids. But there’s always another opportunity to face the moment with presence.

    They won’t stay young forever.

    Nor will I.

    And this era of needing mom for all those little (and sometimes annoying) things will one day disappear.
    It’s not too late to take in their warmth. To learn from their innocence. And to appreciate their essence.

    And it’s always a good time to be grateful.

    Song for the day:  Fly Like An Eagle

    Good read for today:

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