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The Ultimate Spring Refresh: It’ll Turn Your Tongue Green

    Though somewhat similar to New Years with its huge momentum for a clean routine, rather than remedying a season of overindulgences, Spring is more about regathering your energy for renewal. There’s a rebirth thing going on in nature that feels right to align with including a Super New Moon eclipse to add an extra boost. All signs are pointing to an awesome opportunity to begin again.

    So get outside, breathe in the new energy, and refresh yourself.
    And grab a green juice to expedite the process.

    It doesn’t have to be a full-on fast. While I do love the idea of juice cleansing, the reality of no food doesn’t fit so well into my life these days…maybe later.

    For now, it’s simply about adding green juice into my day. Not as a replacement (though often when you do add something in, something else eventually drops out…like that 3rd cup of coffee!), but as a supplement. To soak up the nutrients and benefits that this goodness in a glass gives.

    I don’t have a juicer. My last experience with juicing at home was a big mess. I know these blenders have improved dramatically, and I probably would be really happy if I had one of these on my kitchen counter (who knows, perhaps a post on the best juicer will come soon), but at this point, I’m a cold pressed juice girl. And with so many amazing options along my daily routes, I drop the $$ for green juice. It’s an investment in good health!

    3 Great Green Juices To Try If You’re In NYC:

    I love theJuice Press. It’s conveniently located around the corner from M + GLs school so it’s easy for me to pop in on the regular. There are actually two green juices I get here — the Doctor Earth which is the more green-tricious (though not quite as hardcore as the Mother Earth) and the Simple Green which has less sugar. That’s the thing with juice in general…it can get quite sugary so pay mind to that when getting yours.


    I was turned onto Heartbeet Juicery at my yoga studio (often an excellent place to learn about juice!) And then I saw they’re on the LES, my hood! These guys come in glass bottles so a bit more heavy to tote around, but also better for the earth. The All Greens is exactly that…there’s no fruit sweetness, yet it still goes down smooth.

    Evolution Fresh is big time — they’re in Starbucks, and that’s why I’m putting them in my list — you can get these everywhere, not just in NYC! Often when I go into Starbucks it’s because I’m looking for a pick-me-up…a green juice will do that!

    Where Else To Get Great Green Juices:

    In the refrigerator section of many grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and even Costco. Not all are organic, but still a better option then that third coffee. Also, check local yoga studios and natural food shops — they usually carry a fresh selection.

    Where do you get your green juice?

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    10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Spring Refresh: It’ll Turn Your Tongue Green”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      By following your blog I feel that you are looking out for my (and all of your readers’) health. Since I know that I don’t eat enough greens I will try a green juice (I will definitely read the label). I loved your word “green-tricious”! Great picture!

    2. Michele, I’ve had the cold pressed green juice at Trader Joe’s many times — it’s good! Also, it’s more affordable than some of the other juices out there which can easily run $10 a pop! Thank you.

    3. This reminds me of a green juice experience I had last week – I have a lovely little Oscar cold pressed juicer, and I thought last week, along the same lines as you, no doubt, that a green juice would be a wonderfully healthy and nourishing thing for me to do. Encouraged by a recipe I saw, I made this: kale, celery, parsley, 1 Apple, 1 lemon, a chunk of ginger. Omg sooo bad. So very bad. Maybe if it had three apples…but give me an apple, carrot, celery ginger baby any day!

    4. Yeah, home juicing didn’t go so well for me. It was always such a mess to clean up, and the whole ordeal took way too much time. Sometimes (when I’m feeling a little rough) I’ll get a green juice that doesn’t taste so good, but I know it’s healthy + loading me with nutrients. And then sometimes I just want one that’s yummy to drink. Do you make your apple/ carrot/ celery + ginger at home?

    5. Yes, I juice at home – I have a baby Oscar juicer that is lovely to use and not a hassle to clean up.

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