4 Items To Make Your Outfit Look Cool

4 Items To Make Your Outfit Look Cool

Whenever I’m styling a shoot, a private client, or even myself I always come back to these pieces when I want to add some edge to the look. The beauty with these items is that you can wear them all together, or style them a la carte to up the cool factor for your outfit. If you don’t already own these things, NBD! They should be pretty easy to find at an affordable price.

Here Are 4 Items That’ll Make You¬†Look And¬†Feel Cool.

Chain Necklace

Over the summer, I had secret envy over a purchase I found for a client. It was a beautiful, rose gold chain link necklace — just like one I had that broke. You could definitely go cheap on this item, if you choose, but be warned that you may not get¬†the same lasting power on the necklace¬†than if you shell out¬†a little more cash. (Note: mine broke.) ¬†This one¬†would work well.

Graphic Tee

I love pairing this¬†almost sloppy vibe with dressier things like a silk skirt or trousers. My most recent addition, a Radiohead concert tee, feels like precious cargo in that I don’t put it in the dryer to maintain it’s pristine edge. How about this one for you?

Leather Jacket

If only I had held onto all the leather jackets I’ve had through the years. First, there was my older brother’s original moto from the 80s with the words GBH (a band) written along the back. Then there¬†was my cropped version that I wore in middle school. And then the numerous variations for the next 10 years. Regardless, I only own one right now, a bomber cut, and I put it on whenever I need to rock and roll. This one is good.


When I was a kid, it was inevitable that I’d wear¬†my new sneakers straight out of the store. That’s how much I loved getting new kicks! I still have the same enthusiasm, though the downside with this style is the lack of heel. Sometimes I’m fine with the flat look, ¬†but¬†other times I prefer¬†a platform (not wedge!)¬†to add a few inches. Either way, the statement is always¬†casual¬†cool. This pair¬†is¬†fresh.

What do you put on to make your outfit cool?

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  1. Julieshah100@hotmail.com' Julie says:

    Great tips! I will wear my rose gold chain necklace more now!

  2. YES! That necklace is awesome…I hope you are getting good use from it. xo

  3. ktblenkhorn@gmail.com' candidkay says:

    Love that necklace and the shoes!

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