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When You Don’t Want To Settle Anymore

    What comes to mind when you see the words JOY, PLEASURE and FUN? Are you actively engaging with these experiences? If not, don’t worry  — you’re not alone. Many women relinquish their right to these emotions and settle for less because they’ve got other things to focus on! 


    • Kids
    • Husbands
    • Health
    • Jobs
    • Aging Parents

    Who has time for joy, pleasure and fun when there’s so much stuff to deal with?!?

    But here’s the truth: when you get used to always prioritizing others you lose touch with your own desires.

    You settle.

    I see this with women and their wardrobes a lot.

    Busy women get dressed and don’t love what they’re wearing, but since “it’s fine” they keep wearing it.

    It’s not fine to settle!

    You Don’t Have To Settle Anymore

    Whether it’s your clothes, or something larger in your lifestyle, you deserve JOY, PLEASURE and FUN! That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Lindley Gentile who has helped hundreds of women become their most erotic, outspoken, and alive version of themselves — in their forties and beyond!

    Lindley and I share a passion for helping women reclaim their vibrancy and this is the theme of our conversation.

    Listen in and discover:

    ✔️ The red flag to look for that shows you’ve lost connection to self

    ✔️ What Lindley tells her clients when they come to her with a sex drive problem

    ✔️ The best way to get around the guilt you feel for indulging yourself

    ✔️ The first step to bringing passion or vitality back into your life

    Click play on the video for this insightful conversation that will help you not settle anymore!

    Your Next Steps

    Connect with Lindley here:

    Download the free style guide that shows you 5 Ways To Flatter Your Figure so you stop settling for clothes that don’t feel good!

    Click here to get the guide!

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