Shop Statement Necklaces So You Don’t Have To Buy A Whole New Outfit

Shop Statement Necklaces So You Don’t Have To Buy A Whole New Outfit

As much as I’d love to buy myself a new dress for every single occasion on the calendar, it’s just my style. I’m more of a let’s-see-what-I-can-pull-together-with-what-I-have kind of girl. But sometimes, I have nothing. And when this happens, a simple purchase can re-make an entire look.

This simple purchase I write of is the statement necklace. Perhaps you know it as a bold accessory. But to me, it’s a total game changer.

The other day on a shoot, the art director was wearing a non-outfit of all black. I seriously don’t even remember what the components were. But her necklace…it looked like a Pamela Love offspring- edgy, gorgeous, and badass. It next leveled her look.

And you can do the same.

With the season of festivities amongst us,
Here are some statement necklaces that will elevate any look. (Click image for product details.)

If you’re into edgy, gorgeous and badass then this Pamela Love could be for you.

A strong pendant can easily carry a simple top into great outfit territory.

I love a graphic detail, particularly when it’s multiplied. So this black and gold number speaks my style.

Kind of elegant, and so right now, the chain link detail with pockets of pearl add a sweet detail that’ll catch all eyes.

Strands of awesome streaming down your top…let that be your next statement.

Forget the struggle over whether to go with gold or silver. Put this lovely on and it’s all good!

How do you update your look without buying a whole new outfit?

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