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The Faces Of Meditation

    fb302f585b890e05667d62cb99b126a1Every moment is an opportunity to meditate.

    84ec98d8ab1ebfb3e94ff3b381b90f07And you don’t have to stay seated.

    53a64cf54f614921f9194834b3b4ab2eI practice mindfulness upside down.

    52fbd354291899329376c0a41c440306I also like to dance around.

    cefc9079fa67f4316c71085dd868cb55There are many ways to find the present.

    Coco_ho It starts right where you are.

    916627230ecb0a5504418f579bcd9ff3Have no judgement. Try to ride it out. But if you get distracted…

    Just know, there will always be another opportunity to meditate.

    What does your mindfulness practice look like?

    8 thoughts on “The Faces Of Meditation”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, Love this feast of gorgeous images and wise words evoking meditation, the opportunity for it. Dance, cooking, walking, swimming, yoga, bodysurfing, smelling the sea air, sipping a cup of hot tea in the late afternoon…some of my faves. I also loved Joan Borysenko’s favorite for meditation: savoring a piece of rich, chocolate cake. Sweet change of pace :). Thanks as always for the inspiration, my friend. xoxo

    2. Love this! You’ve inspired me. And if I can get to the point where I can do that yoga pose shown, well–wow. 🙂

    3. Reblogged this on 40 Is Like The New 30! and commented:
      Note from 40 Is Like The New 30 ~ Although I am not very good at meditating, it really does the mind good. And although I am not very good at meditating, I am pretty good at being present in the moment every now and again. Here’s hoping that we all experience one of these moments today, no matter how briefly. Being present. Letting go of everything. And just being. Ok, I’ll get of my om now. But I really do hope you catch a moment today!

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