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The Reset Button

    Why You Need To Hold Off On Your New Years Plans | | photo by Guy Bourdin
    Photo: Guy Bourdin

    Integration. Assimilation. Celebration.

    It doesn’t matter what you call it — the last stage of any action (particularly personal growth!) needs to have time to pause.

    In yoga, it’s Savasana. Though it looks like we’re not doing anything – it’s the culmination of the entire practice. The mind, body + soul need time to absorb, relax, and reset.

    Then we can begin again.


    When do you hit the reset button?


    8 thoughts on “The Reset Button”

    1. Love this! The time to pause… one that doesn’t come easy… but when it does, sweetest damn thing to feel. =)

    2. You’re so right about it not coming easy — I think we’ve ingrained this idea that to be productive we must work hard, yet this moment of pause can be hard + it can be the most productive of all. Thank you, Maia!

    3. SirenaTales

      Not often enough, TT :/. Although as I’ve been musing over my reply, I realize I actually do “reset” sometimes…sipping tea every afternoon, even if I only “reset” for 20 seconds, and very often after dancing as I slowly stretch on the floor. Thank you for the wise nudge to do more of this. xoxo

    4. SirenaTales

      P.s. Terrific visual here, as always. Thank you!

    5. I have a new practice of meditation and yoga at dawn. This is totally my reset time and I am wrong without it!

    6. ST, I love the idea of a simple reset in the midst of the day such as sipping tea — like you do. Thank you for reminding me that resetting can be embedded in your daily routine…so natural. Happy Weekend, my friend! xoxo

    7. What an awesome practice, Sara! I can imagine how this reset becomes an integral part of your day. Thank you for stopping by!

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