Going Gray? Here’s What To Know

If you’re sick of dying your hair, and thinking about going gray, this post is for you! I am joined by my friend and colleague Katie […]
style tip to make your outfit better

Easy Style Tip To Improve Your Outfit

Sometimes all it takes is one style tip to make a huge difference in your outfit. That’s why I’ve rounded up three tutorials — all around […]

Rules For Wearing All Black

Aside from my goth-punk phase in high school, wearing all black has never been my thing. In fact, I’ve become a bit ANTI in my personal […]

Can I Still Wear Skinny Jeans If They’re Out Of Style?

There’s a big uproar amidst skinny jean lovers that their beloved silhouette is out of style. And this creates confusion. Especially if you’ve relied on the […]
Intrigued by living with less, and only what brings value, I've moved towards a more minimal wardrobe. Read my stylist tips on why less is really more.

A Stylist’s Starter Guide To A More Minimal Wardrobe

A few years ago I went on a spending freeze, and refrained from buying new clothing or accessories. This gave me a taste of what it’s […]
Could your style be more fun? If yes, you'll love this fashion advice where I share how to bring a sense of playfulness and vibrancy into what you wear. These style tips will help you understand why your style shouldn't be taken too seriously and how to lighten up and let your style come alive in with an attitude of joy.

How To Make Fashion Fun

On a recent style clarity call, a woman told me that her number one priority was to make fashion fun. She felt burdened by her life […]
Need help to get summer ready? These style tips will make bathing suit shopping easier. There's also a swimwear round up for every body type. Click through and discover how to prepare for swimsuit season, #swimsuits #womensstyle #bathingsuitshopping #bathingsuits

Swimsuits To Get You Ready For Summer

Whether you’re ready for summer or not, swimsuit season is here. And to be totally honest, I’m not a big fan. Buying a new bathing suit […]

Ugh! I Don’t Like My Clothes Anymore

I’ve been thinking about our lingering-pandemic styles. Especially since I’m hearing from women who say “Ugh! I don’t like my clothes anymore!” A client told me […]

What’s My Style Now That My Body Changed?

I hear from a lot of women who have gained weight and they hate how their clothes fit. It’s a difficult situation. They’re uncomfortable, and always […]

How To Dress When It’s Hot And Humid Outside

One thing my clients struggle with is how to dress in the heat, especially when they live in a warmer climate. They want to look stylish […]

What Not To Wear In Midlife

“Can we still wear big prints like this?” asked my friend as she showed me a picture of a jumpsuit with large floral prints. The print […]

From Mediocre Outfits To A Memorable Style

Ever look in the mirror and see that your outfit is outdated?  It happened to my client, Aleta Norris. She spent years wearing jeans and a […]