3 Ways To Turn On Your Good Outfit Energy

You know when your hair looks good—maybe you recently got it cut, or perhaps the stars aligned in perfect formation. Either way, you’re like “MY HAIR […]
When you don't put effort into your personal style you're transmitting low energy vibes to the world. And this encourages others to be low energy or unresponsive with you. But when you place high value on what you wear, and dress your best everyday, you’re conveying a higher self worth to others and yourself which not only raises your style confidence, you’re telling the world that you’re high value! Here's why your style rut is keeping you in low energy and how to get out of it. #personalstyle

Here’s What Happens When You’re Low Energy With Your Style

Are you stuck in a low energy of wearing the same few outfits all the time? Maybe nothing fits how you like and you don’t know […]
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How To Pack A Travel Capsule

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Why Your Clothes Are Not Quite Right

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3 Things Not To Buy When You Go Shopping

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Closet Edit: Spring Jackets That Align With Your Style

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How To Get Rid Of Clothes And Refine Your Style

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3 Steps To Modernize Your Style (without buying into the current trends)

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Can I Still Wear Skinny Jeans If They’re Out Of Style?

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Ugh! I Don’t Like My Clothes Anymore

I’ve been thinking about our post pandemic styles. Especially since I’m hearing from women who say “Ugh! I don’t like my clothes anymore!” A client told […]