Fashion Moments To Make You Smile

Do you follow the Spring’14 runways in NY, London, Milan and next-up Paris? Or are you more in the moment of what’s selling in stores now? […]

The Real Reasons For Practicing Yoga

It’s always been my goal to get up, and onto the yoga mat for the early am class. It not only sets the intention for my […]

Go For It

go-for-it verb 1.  to push past your limits 2.  to jump 3.  to try something new 4.  to perform your very best 5.  to surge 6.  […]

Flying Free With The Trapeze

So guess what I did yesterday? I flew on the trapeze! It’s been a build-up of over a year now. M’s practice is right below the […]

Back To School Means Back To The Work-Out

So here we go again. We’ve returned to the back-to-school portion of the year.  And whether you have young kids, or not — there’s usually a […]

Remember When You Were Small?

As young children, we can’t help but move our little bodies to the music. As we get older, we are told to sit still. When you […]

Getting Back In The Saddle

I used to be a bike chick. Not so much in a Harley-Davidson-black-leather-moto kind of way.  Think more towards Schwinn-turquoise-pedal-cruiser. That was me. I was that […]

Inside The Movement

I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move.   • Pina Bausch What gets you moving?

Seeing The Purpose

Have you figured out what it is that you’re “supposed” to do? You know, found your thing in life? Seems some people were born knowing. It’s […]

What Does Your Movement Say?

Are you serious at having fun? Or are you looking to go a little deeper? Do you cruise and glide taking it all in stride? Or […]

Mid-Summer Mind, Body and Soul REconnection

Hot and hazy slowing you down? Have the softer schedules, lighter loads and all around pleasure seeking propensities which define the spirit of summer pulled you […]

Get Moving: 5Rhythms Dance

I finally made it back to the 5Rhythms dance.  Though I’m well aware when these classes happen ( I even mark my calendar),  for one reason (evening time […]