It’s The Little Things…

It really is. Sometimes I get consumed with big picture thinking — does this ever happen to you? I start obsessing over an end result in […]

What’s Perfection?

The ballerina embodying it? The jazz musician improvising it? The yogi connecting with it? The singer crooning it? The photographer capturing it? The model portraying it? […]

Go For The Feel

When you’re doing that thing you love — singing, dancing, cooking, writing, or whatever it may be– are you thinking about it? Or are you feeling […]

Moving After Dark

Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day that I forget to give it up at night. Yesterday was Date-Night.  For us, that […]

My Next Adventure In Motion

I’ve been following the trapeze artists each week at Pier 40 as they do their thing way up in the sky. I’m just a soccer mom […]

Go Listen — Daft Punk Gets Down With The Soul Train

Have you heard Daft Punk’s new album – Random Access Memories yet?  Get Lucky is gearing up to be the song of the summer, and with […]

Yoga Off The Mat (And Into Our Homework)

I’ll just say it — helping M with homework isn’t one of my fave activities.  I’d much rather take him to the Guggenheim.  Or a Dance […]

Get Dressed On The Soul Express

It’s true, I’m all for a good soul-expression…in any shape or form.   Which is why I take the act of getting dressed everyday pretty serious.   Aren’t […]

Dance Parade NYC: Showering The City With Good Times

This weekend, joy emanated from the streets of NYC.  Though the skies were grey, the dancers came out — shining brightly and ready to play! There […]

Connect to Your Soul in These Super EASY Steps

1. Create a playlist on your ipod with 3 all-time favorite tracks.  Find the ones that REALLY speak to you.  (Hint: songs from your youth usually […]

Take Your Movement Outside!

While I am definitely all for a DIY dance party in your living room, there’s something so exciting about joining the collective energy of a group […]

Why I Go to Yoga

I’ve always been a fitness girl.  It used to be solely for surface reasons, like staying skinny.  Then later developed into a necessity for staying sane.  […]