Take Your Movement Outside!

While I am definitely all for a DIY dance party in your living room, there’s something so exciting about joining the collective energy of a group […]

Why I Go to Yoga

I’ve always been a fitness girl.  It used to be solely for surface reasons, like staying skinny.  Then later developed into a necessity for staying sane.  […]

Ingenue On The Dancefloor

The song. The dance. The voice. The suits. The set. The simplicity. The movement. Their connection. So beautifully composed. So thoughtfully restrained. What does this video […]

Share Your Movement in Nia

If you’re new to the whole mind, body and soul workout, then you should probably consider a Nia class for an intro.  With an all inclusive, […]

Don’t Forget the Fun!

I get it — you’re busy. I’m busy too. We’re all so effin’ busy these days with our jam packed schedules trying to fit everything in […]
If you are a mover and a shaker who prefers your zen in motion, there’s absolutely no reason not to try movement meditation.

A Moment For Movement Meditation

I think we all could benefit from a bit of meditation. It’s a total stress reliever that quiets the mind, and works wonders at increasing overall […]

Get Connected– mind, body & soul

It’s gym day. I show up – looking fine in my butt-lifting leggings and arm endorsing tank. My pump-up playlist is prepped, and my water bottle […]

What Gets You Moving?

Is it to lose weight? Or stay fit? Is it your practice? Your study? Or is it simply a motivation to get you from point A […]

Here’s To Finding The Dance

of everyday life…

Let’s Get Real, or not…

Watching M & G move along in their little lives, it’s becoming quite clear — they’re growing up in a world that’s so different from the […]

When I Grow Up…

I want to be the kind of person who follows her passion. And fills her purpose. Then aligns my every action with this intention. This isn’t […]

Would You Risk The Fall

To know how it feels to FLY?