Betsey Johnson does one at the end of her runway show. When was the last time you did a cartwheel?

Electric Feel

When Oracular Spectacular came out in ’08  it was THE album. So many hits there,  but when Electric Feel pops up on shuffle — Good times! […]

Go See – Samsara

The movie Samsara is all kinds of beautiful.  Through exquisite imagery and serene sound, I went all around the world and back.  I left the theater […]

Let’s Fly

Every week I take my son M to soccer practice at Pier 40. Not only does this soccer field have amazing views of the city, it […]

Sit Here

Sitting still is never an easy thing for someone like me who is always looking to move.  But sometimes the deepest movement comes when I’m seated.  […]

Name That Tune

There’s this little game I like to play on my ipod.  I set the songs to shuffle and then try to guess each one as it […]

Turn Upside Down

Yoga is a huge part of my life. Honestly, without it – I’d feel incomplete. It’s also one of those practices that can never truly be […]

Well, Hello There

That Fine Line Between Here And There

Legs wrapped firmly Gripping the bar Holding on tight to all that I know I see what’s beyond My next move, my next trick Let go […]