Tis The Season- To Slow Down!

Okay, I’ll just say it — I get caught up in the day to day, and so often lose track of the things that matter.  I […]

It’s 2013

Let’s Rise To The Occasion!

Go See: Yesterday

Oh how I love to watch a good sob story.   The more heart wrenching the tale, the better!  If a movie can move me to […]

Spring Moves

As a stylist, it’s my job to kind of know what’s going on in the world of fashion.  While I don’t by any means claim to […]

Pop This, Pop That

We do a lot of pop music in our place.  Obviously, the kids love it.  But I gotta confess, I don’t mind gettin’ down to a […]

Nada To-Do

There’s no question about it — I’m a to-do list kind of girl!  I thrive on transcribing the random bits and bobs of info running around […]

Hit Start & Then Play

I consider myself one of the lucky ones — I’ve got a gym in the basement of my building.  A lot of my friends turn their […]

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s not just for today — gratitude works anytime!

To Buti Or Not To Buti

Last week while shopping for a photo shoot I made my way into Lululemon.   Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with this store brand, but […]

Go See- Stomp A Pulse Odyssey

Curious what the rhythm of the world looks like?  Me too!  Then I saw Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey, and I can honestly say –  their view […]

morning quickie

Something odd happened this morning — I woke up before the alarm.  Before I could figure out what to do with my stolen time, I heard […]


At the benefit concert Coming Together, Christina Aguilera hit the right note…on so many levels.  New York is going through really tough times right now.  Encapsulated […]