Let’s Shake It Up For 30 Days

Okay, I think I’ve fallen for the ubiquitous 30 day challenge that’s popping up not only around here, but also IRL. I guess it’s about time, […]

It’s Not How You See It

It’s how you feel it! What moved you today?

Not Another Networking Event

Networking does not come natural to me. I realize it’s an essential part of my freelance career, and DH says I should be doing more of […]

Voices Carry

They really do. As someone who considers herself to be all about the movement in life, it seems only right that I give a solid mention […]

Get Rocked! (with Thai massage)

Don’t be fooled by the word massage — it’s definitely not that. It’s bodywork. With extra emphasis on the *work*. If you’re lucky, like I was, […]

What’s Fun at NYFW

The fashion industry is serious stuff.  Sure, it often calls on a world of fantasy to realize its vision.  But in reality — it’s pretty uptight.  […]

Today Is The Day!

♥ I’ll crank up both the speed and incline on the treadmill ♥ I’ll walk up 12 flights of steps instead of riding the elevator ♥ […]

And Now Back To The Moment

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been serious with yoga for years.  Or that I have some semblance of maintaining a meditation practice.  The simple solitary act […]

Give It Up For The Beat

I’m not so sure if my fascination (or perhaps obsession) with all things rhythmic began because I married a drummer, or did I marry a drummer […]

When Did The Shut Down Start Up?

I’m not saying that it happens to everyone. It’s just that shut down syndrome seems to be very real. And it hits most people sometime on […]

Up-See-Daisy Says Go Upside Down

This morning something pretty cool happened. I was going through the moves of my at-home yoga practice making sure to do all the poses that increase […]

The Hidden Gems Of Shuffle

Something is up with my ipod. It’s not broken — it’s stuck. It plays the same selection of songs over and over, rarely bringing in something […]