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Do You Know Which Current Fashion Trends To Try?

    Remember the days when current fashion trends came out only twice a year? Once in February with the fall shows, and then again in September with the spring collections.

    Nowadays, this isn’t the case.

    With fast fashion amping up the speed on style, you’re seeing micro-seasons delivered weekly.

    That’s a lot of new looks to keep up with!

    And with so many trends in your face, how you do know which ones belong in your style?

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    Sometimes it’s easy to figure out.

    If you see a woman walking down the street in a teddy coat with a black leather belt bag slung over her shoulder, and you’re like no effing way am I wearing that!

    It’s pretty clear you won’t be adopting the teddy coat, belt bag trend.

    But, if you catch yourself staring at a woman wearing a whiskey brown sweater and a cozy knit scarf that screams hygge, and you think, I wonder if I could pull that look off...

    It’s not 100% certain if the trend belongs in your style, or not.

    Click play on the video to learn about bringing fashion’s latest into your look.

    And read on for more stylist tips!

    Do Those Current Fashion Trends Belong In Your Style

    Not every trend is right for you. For starters, you’re not going to like everything you see. And that’s good! Discernment is everything when it comes to wearing trends.

    Then there are the things you like, but make no sense for your life. Like sneakers. If most of your time is spent in an office of navy suits, it would be a mistake indulging in the high end sneaker trend. You’d never wear it!

    Never waste time trying to figure out how to bring in a trend if it’s straight up wrong for your life and style.

    But how do you know if it’s wrong for your life and style. Sometimes it’s not so obvious!

    Start With Your Style Foundation

    To know if current fashion trends are in alignment with your style, come up with three words to define how you want to look and feel everyday. I call these the North Star words because they serve as your guide along the path of personal style. By keeping these words close by, you’ll stay aligned with the woman you want to be. This is key in defining your style.

    Let’s say you’ve already decided that you like the crochet trend, and you’re considering if you want to wear it.

    Bring in your North Star words to see how the trend holds up against any crochet designs you like. The trend doesn’t need to match all three of your words. Two will do. But there must be some alignment between the trend and your North Star. If your words are eclectic, creative and boho, then crochet lines up! It goes well with your style.

    If your North Star words were clean, minimal and classic – they won’t go with crochet designs. Which makes it clear that the trend doesn’t belong in your style.

    Be more modern with your style text overlay image of clothing hanging on ladder.

    Decide How You’ll Wear The Trend

    Next, you’ll figure out how you want to incorporate the trend. Accessories are easier to integrate as they don’t rely on any figure flattery. So using the crochet example, you could pick a new handbag or pair of shoes as the perfect experimentation piece. There’s not a lot of commitment when you try out a trend with an accessory making it a great way to give it a go.

    It’s a much bigger commitment to wear a silhouette trend.

    This is where knowing your body type helps. By looking at how the trend works with your shape, you can decide if it’s something you want to try. Take the 80s themed strong shoulder silhouette. If you have a triangle shape, this could be flattering for you!

    Go through the collections (I love Vogue Runway) and notice which silhouettes will flatter your body. Pay attention to hemlines, necklines and overall shape. Also, remember that runway looks have more drama than what we see in stores. So you wouldn’t need to incorporate a head to toe catwalk look.

    See Where You’ll Wear The Trend

    To determine if the trend belongs in your style, it must make sense for your life. Try to imagine where you see yourself wearing it.

    Western is big this season. While some looks sent down the runway were full-on cowboy, there are more subtle variations as well.

    Like fringe.

    Is there a place in your life that you can wear fringe? You could experiment with a handbag. Or earrings?

    Or you can look at the silhouette of a jacket to see if it’ll work with your figure.

    Then imagine yourself in that fringed item going about your regular business.

    Can you see it?

    This is how you know if the trend makes sense for your life

    Discerning which current fashion trends to adopt relies on 3 things:

    1. Knowing how you want to look and feel every day
    2. An understanding of what suits you best
    3. A vision for where you’ll wear it.

    Once you have these details down, you’ll know whether a current fashion trend belongs in your style.

    Here’s how to mix and match outfits so you always have something to wear.

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    1. Pamela Goldman

      I’ve found my style: black 100% cashmere blazer, black t shirt, blue jeans with a hand cut-off hem, black Ferragamo suede pencil boots (short) I go for quality fabrics and stay away from prints

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